Will Global is a software company run by William Wilkinson in Victoria, BC. Will Global is a one person company that isn’t that legitimate, it’s more so William’s friends and family think he has a real job. Hi, this is William. I conceive, design and market iPhone software. I then collaborate with developers to bring them to life.

I’ve been making iPhone software since 2008, starting with a really stupid gun app that I made in high school. For seven years I was a iOS designer at MetaLab, where I worked on client apps. After hours and on weekends I worked on my own software, most notably Everyday, which launched in 2011 to great fanfare. In 2014 I left MetaLab to pursue software full time, starting with the release of Manual, which was simply fucked. It was in the god damn New York Times. In early 2015 I relaunched a major new version of Everyday. In late 2015 I released Slide.

I am focused on my own software but am open to collaboration opportunities. If you are working on something interesting, get in touch.